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Parking lots and car parks design


In 2009 "KyivDorMistProekt" Institute (KDMP) acted as sub-contractor under the contract concluded between the customer – Public Utility "Kyyivdorservis", and the consultant – a Finnish company "Traficon Ltd." In the project our party was represented by the Institute Director V. Vorobiov and the Head of Traffic Management Department V. Shcherbyna.

Subject of the contract - development of parking strategy of Kyiv city.

The strong point of the strategy project is undoubtedly the combination of Kyiv realities and time-proven European experience.
Please find below the basic provisions of the co-development:
Both the traffic system and the residents of Kyiv city are extremely affected by the increasing volume of cars in the streets, especially in the central areas of the capital. Thus, in 2003, every 1,000 residents were accounted for less than 120 cars, in 2008 – nearly 300. The total number of cars as of 2008 was 930,000. Add about 100,000 vehicles registered in other regions.
Intense construction of business centers, shopping and entertainment facilities and high-rise apartment buildings in the downtown makes its negative contribution to the situation. The prices in the existing car parks are exorbitant.
Residential areas of the capital face the same parking problems.
Therefore, we consider the development of parking strategy as one of the most important factors that contribute to improving urban land use, construction, transport, finance and environment.
The suggested project envisages the following strategic objectives:
- Reducing traffic congestion in the downtown area and in the main streets leading to it;
- Improving the environment through reduction of noise and air pollution;
- Enforcement of rights of pedestrians on sidewalks and in other pedestrian areas;
- Providing appropriate/necessary/satisfactory conditions for residents' parking;
- Providing sufficient places for short-term parking in the downtown area and near shopping and entertainment centers;
- Strict control over implementation of parking rules;
- Financial receipts from parking to the city budget.

According to our experts, parking strategy as part of the overall transport strategy should consist of the following:
1) Harmonization of traffic rules in accordance with the international standards;
2) Introduction of parking rules and regulations in accordance with the international practice;
3) Appropriate controls and means of enforcement of compliance to traffic and parking regulations;
4) Determination of pedestrians' priority on sidewalks and street crossings; prohibition against parking on pavements and in pedestrian areas;
5) Determination and compliance with parking rules in new buildings;
6) Construction of intercepting parking lots and provision of associated services in suburban residential areas;
7) Construction of multi-storey car parks in the downtown area near shopping and business facilities;
8) Introduction of immediate information system on the location and availability of car parks and parking places;
9) Zoning of parking lots for the residents of residential areas;
10) Reorganization of parking lots in the streets for short-term parking for customers of shops, enterprises and institutions;
11) Concession of priority to vehicles of elderly and disabled people, as well as to transport delivering goods;
12) Improvement of public transport activity and service level;
13) At present the project of parking strategy of Kyiv city is being developed with active involvement of our leading experts.