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September, 24, 2015


In development process of bicycle lane construction from Troyeshchyna to European square, developed by our team of experts led by Maksim Purik, new stage had been mastered - now cyclists can ride along the entire length of 22 km way.

Of course, we are still very far from the level of the recognized world cycling leaders. For example, in the Copenhagen about 50% of the population constantly uses bicycle to ride around the city, and, throughout the year, in snow and rain. Almost every local resident has a bike and about 2000 bike rental centers are available for tourists. There are more than 400 km of bicycle paths in Copenhagen.

Kiev, within its limited budget in 2015, it was able to create a foundation - to pave the bicycle lane from "sleeping quarters" to the city center. This is the first bicycle lane of this level in Kiev

It is highlighted in a separate line with no cars, so cyclists are in safe. Bicycle route "Troyeshchyna residential area - European square" passes along General Vatutin avenue, Moscow Bridge, Trukhanov street, Park bridge, slopes of Kreschaty park, Vladimir descent and the European square.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko reviewed a new bicycle route. 22 km distance was overcome in less than half an hour in a saunter mode.

But done is only a part of the project. With the resumption of funding development of cycle route will proceed in accordance with the European standards.