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 I.N. Baibakov is a deputy head of the department of hydraulic engineering.
In 1970, he graduated from the hydraulic engineering department of the Ukrainian Institute of Water Engineers and was sent to the Insitute "Kyivproekt" as an engineer. Then he worked for the institute "Ukrvodokanalproject," and he remains one of the leading experts in the different structures of JSC "Kyivproekt" for more than 30 years. Today he works as the deputy chief of the department of hydraulic engineering, chief engineer of the projects of the Institute.

The main area of activities: city hydraulic engineering, engineering preparation of territories under construction, landslide prevention works, riverbank protection, rainwater drainage.

One of the largest projects that were developed under the leadership of Baybakov was increasing of land area along the shore of Dnipro River. Residential areas of Kyiv (Kharkivs'ka, Poznyaki, Osokorki, Troyeshchina) were created by this project. In general, about 3000 hectares were created.

Developed by Baibakov projects for landslide prevention in the most beautiful places in the capital - the Park of Eternal Glory, near the Church of the Holy Makarov has completed construction or being completed.

The drains have been designed and constructed to protect houses and other buildings from flooding in areas with difficult hydrogeological conditions. For example, a drainage system is designed for a picturesque cottage town in the Theophany.

Dnipro embankment from Naberezhno-Khreshchatyts'ka street to Moscovsky bridge has been built by Baibakov’s design.

Ivan Baibakov has taken part in creating detailed design of Kyiv districts, has been the author of sections of "engineering preparation of territory" and "rain drainage" in General plans of the city in 1982 and 2002.