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We are honoured with responsibility and pleasure of understanding our involvement in creation of Kyiv’s appearance and providing modern comfortable conditions for residents and guests of the city. The Institute "Kyivdormistproekt" is the leading road planning company in the capital.

Almost all modern projects of reconstruction and new construction of the city roads have been designed by experts from our Institute.
The basis of our team had been formed by members of the Institute "Kyivproekt" which, in turn, had been established in the pre-war times as the architecture and urban design studio "Kyivmiskproekt". “Kyivmiskproekt” had become “Kyivproekt’s“ ancestor.

Design and information services of road construction and traffic management in Kyiv are the main areas of activities.

The Institute provides planning and feasibility study of new facilities as well as those to reconstruct, such as:
- Roads;
- Bridges for motor vehicles and entrances to them;
- Interchanges with several levels, transport tunnels, etc.;
- Pedestrian and traffic patterns of any difficulty and size;
- Waterworks, landslide protection, water supply and rainwater sewage;
- Public utilities;
- Electrification systems for rail transport;
- Parking lots;
- Participation in the General Plan of Kyiv development up to 2025.

We’ve designed over 1,500 km of trunk roads, approximately 250 road junctions with several levels and bridges, more than 300 underground and surface pedestrian crossings. Thus, only in 2011 we designed interchanges near the metro station "Dnipro" and at the intersection of Stolychne highway and Nauky avenue.
We’ve reconstructed such important places in the capital as:
- Khreshchatyk street;
- Sevastopol's'ka square, Poshtova square, Moskovs'ka square, Leningrads’ka square, Slavy square and Pryvokzal'na square;
- Akademika Palladina avenue, Akademika Hlushkova avenue, 40-richchya Zhovtnya avenue, Yuriya Haharina avenue, Druzhby Narodiv boulevard, Lesi Ukrainky boulevard;
- The streets of Tolstoho, Volodymyrs’ka, V'yacheslava Chornovola, Vyzvolyteliv, Naberezhno-Luhova, Elektrykiv, Borshchahivs'ka, Dovzhenka, Oleny Telihy, Bozhenka, Grinchenka, Protasiv Yar, and others.
Construction of Naberezhno-Rybal’s’ka, Velyka Kil'tseva roads, the interchange at the intersection of Stolychne highway and Nauky avenue, Podolsky bridge over Dnipro, streets and roads in all of the city districts continues. Moreover, construction of Kirovohrads'ka streets proceeds, which will connect the airports of Chervonozoryanyi avenue with Kiev Zhuliany Airport.




Traffic on the streets of Kyiv is also an important field of study in the Institute. We’ve designed the first line of automated traffic management system and detailed documentation of the second stage of the system that will attach to the central control of traffic 150 lights. The Institute had won a tender to develop a comprehensive system of traffic in the capital.

Another important activity is creation or reconstruction of various types of public utilities, anti-flood facilities, the electrification systems for rail transport.

And finally, our participation in planning of transport schemes in Kyiv up to 2025 has become the work of great importance.